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About the park

Questions and answers about the park.

When can I visit Madurodam?
Madurodam is open 365 days of the year.
What time will the Madurodam car park close?
After 20:00 pm the parking lot is not accesible by car. Of course you can exit any time.
When will the lights in the miniature park be switched on?
In Madurodam the lights are switched on when the dusk is setting in.
Can I get a group discount?
Group discounts are available for groups of 20 persons and more
What is the parking fee at Madurodam?
Parking on the Madurodam car park costs € 8.50.
Can I pay by credit card?
You can pay by credit card at the checkout of Madurodam.
What does the companion of a disabled person pay?
If the disabled is depending on the companion, the companion gets free acces to the park. Other group members will pay the regular entrance fee.

About tickets

Questions and answers about our tickets

Family and Friends Ticket

Where can I buy the Family & friends ticket?
You can buy the ticket only on this website and if it is available.
What is the price for a Family & friends ticket?
The price of a Family & friends ticket is € 49.50.
For how many persons is the Family & friends ticket?
The ticket is valid for 4 persons (3 + 1 free).
When is the Family & friends ticket valid?
One day and valid throughout 2016.

Day ticket

Where can I buy the Day ticket?
At the park and on this website.
What is the price for the Day ticket?
The price of a Day ticket in 2017 is € 16.50 at the park and 14,50 on this website.
For many people the Day ticket valid?
The Day ticket is valid for one person.
When is the Day ticket valid?
One day and valid throughout 2017.


I have a child younger than 3 years old. Do we also need to buy a ticket?
Children from 0-2 years are admitted free. From 3 years old, tickets are needed.
Can I give the Family & friends ticket also as a gift?
Yes you can, tickets are not registered and therefore can be given as a gift.
Should I print out the online Day ticket in advance?
No that is not necessary, the barcode on the online ticket can also be displayed on a smartphone or tablet at the entrance.
From what time the park is open?
For current opening hours click here

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